Fun time

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I don’t know if anyone has seen this but I’m putting it up.

It has nothing to do with my blog specifically but i thought it would be fun to post.

it’s some experiment where some folks made a set of stairs into one of those giant play pianos kind of like the one featured in “big” (the movie not the porn).


Social Justice?

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So i posted this up on my other blog…the one we don’t talk about.


tonight, i may never forget you.
Joe’s as always.
Some guy was trying to get fresh with this girl that i notice all the other guys are also checking out. Sad though, she was pushing him away. even her friend was trying to get him off.
Me on my white shining horse.
as if i’ll ever really have one. It would have charcoal on it somewhere, maybe some ink….
but i told him, stutt-tt-tering-ly, “hey, i don’t think the lady appreciates that.” (funny i can’t even quote myself correctly, but you get the idea, Noble stuff).
He starts yelling at me telling me i should go do my thang since i stepped in already.

I thought he was chill until we all take a second to settle and he begins yelling at one of my boys, Keith who has just started dancing. I don’t know what the dude’s problem was but he was saying, “what the hell you say about me? Say it again!”

So none of us know what’s up. But Regulators take care of the Regulators family and he just stepped to a baby brother in the family business.

So big papa (hope Okan doesn’t get offended for me calling him That) steps in and takes care of business.
Then we’re chill again. And another one of my boys is all up on the lady. ūüėČ

With some editing, Ha.

But i feel like my own soul searching as far as social justice and our rights as human beings in a democratic society really motivated me to step in this time. ¬†I had seen this type of thing happen but i’ve never been one for arguing. ¬†I notice that it always gets to a moot point before someone steps in. ¬†I might have waited just a second too long but i might have not been a moment too soon. ¬†Who knows?

In either case it’s important that i stepped in. ¬†My friend who was hitting on the girl apparently all night whispered to me as i left Joe’s, “Thank goodness you stepped in because i would not have been so nice.” ¬†I think it’s especially important to note that these kinds of things can be intervened much sooner but it certainly changes the way things play out. ¬†Say i was to step in sooner. ¬†The guy might have given up the girl sooner. ¬†she might not have ever pushed him away and i might have used the tactic, “mind if i take a dance with the lady…”

I’m getting way off topic. ¬†I feel that people have this sense to stay out of another person’s business until it becomes something that is unavoidable. ¬†These two people didn’t start becoming other people’s business until the vibe on the floor was watch someone dance but notice on the side that there is not one but two women struggling against the will of one guy.

Isn’t it the goal of management to catch things until they get out of hand? ¬†Whether it be classroom or bar or dancefloor or business, the point of managing something is to make sure the-a-doodoo never hits the fan. ¬†I have been thinking very hard on my life for the last…i think 22 and a half years now (yes even as a baby). ¬†Certainly i should have things all figured out.


I think we never get past this idea of my business your business. ¬†It’s like we can’t do anything until it begins to affect us. ¬†I think that must be something in American culture though. ¬†If you notice how the people want government out of our lives, the church out of our lives and , “mind your own F@#$$#% business!”.

I think i liked it best in this one, let’s say “parable”.

“these two men working for the same company notice that they take the same route to work in the morning and become friends. ¬†Each day they meet up and commute together. ¬†One man had a habit of buying the paper from a vendor just off their stop. ¬†So each morning his friend would observe as this man bought a newspaper left the small change and gave a happy farewell greeting to the news vendor who always looked like he didn’t enjoy it.

“for months the one man notices this exchange happening every morning. ¬†His friend never seems deterred by the vendors behavior. ¬†So finally he decides to ask his friend about it. ¬†‘so, I’ve noticed that every morning you buy from this news man and leave him your change. ¬†You give him a great big smile and wish him well. ¬†But he doesn’t ever return the sentiment. ¬†He barely acknowledges you tip him. ¬†Doesn’t that ever bother you?’

“the man smiles back at his friend. ¬†‘ You must understand that i am merely being an actionary person. ¬† ¬†If i let his actions dictate how my day goes then i am being reactionary. ¬†As long as i know i’m in control of my own actions, what he does will never get me down.'”

HOkey, i know. ¬†It got me thinking though. ¬†How many times have i let someone else get the best of me? ¬†and how many times was that over nothing? ¬†What can i do to be sure that i don’t stress myself over nothing? ¬†Am i being accountable for my own actions and emotions?

i used to be one of those boys who was really into being the idealist and making society a better place. ¬†I can’t really do that. ¬†But i can at least make it a little better for someone else.

Good Luck and Good Times

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I just watched “Good Night and Good Luck”. ¬†I had heard it was good and had always meant to see it.

Honestly, I’m glad i waited until now because it has never been as meaningful to me.

In the extras there is a sort of “making of” or “behind the scenes” thing where it was the directors/producers/screenwriters, George Clooney and Grant Heslov, talking about Edward Murrow and their inspiration for the film. ¬†One of the things in the film I don’t think we ever get enough of a view of was the amount of work that actually goes into the kind of journalism we observed. ¬†The extras made up for that but how many people honestly understand how much work goes into those deep investigations?

I think the most important thing for me was understanding how that works. ¬†Exploring issues of rights and the exercise of those requires not just the knowledge of those things but a thorough understanding. ¬†Being able to exert an opinion on that is also not enough. ¬†It’s interesting that Murrow presented his information not as an accusation but as a presentation of the information for others to make their judgements.

It made me question about my own work and the investigation I am undertaking.  I wonder whether I was going through this investigation to help me understand how to exert my own influence or whether I was trying to help others to understand better about their rights and the issues at hand.


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Here’s some books i might have to buy, but also see if the library has them or if the library has any other books that would be great for this…i’m sure they got something….

Realizing the Impossible: Art Against Authority (Paperback)

by Josh MacPhee (Editor), Erik Reuland (Editor)

From Art to Politics: How Artistic Creations Shape Political Conceptions (Paperback)

by Murray Edelman

Revolutionary Tides: The Art of the Political Poster 1914-1989 (Hardcover)

by Jeffrey T. Schnapp (Author)

The Disasters of War (Dover Books on Fine Art) by Francisco Goya

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goya’s disasters ¬†

more disasters and a couple words

an adaptation of disasters

kathe   k

leonard baskin’s “man of peace”

jack callot

just some things


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It might seem like I’m begging to be allowed to make art but it’s kind of the opposite. ¬†I just want to look at it this time.

So I’m going with this idea of rights and activism. ¬†Last year I was taking a History of print class which made me kind of go off on this kick. ¬†I was mostly interested in this idea that art has been behind most important events of the past. ¬†Or, art has influenced many of the events of the past. ¬†We can see evidence with the dawning of print mostly because of it’s ease of dissemination. ¬†People no longer had to wait for a craftsman to duplicate work so tediously. ¬†It could be made in hundred, even thousand fold. ¬†A bunch of great art also came from this. ¬†We have Jacques Callot, Honore Daumier and Francisco de Goya. ¬†That’s just to warm up.

I haven’t had a chance to review those notes but I just remember loving more than anything else the power and intrigue from those depravity and disaster of war pieces. ¬†But even before that, I always had an interest in propaganda posters. ¬†They seem such tacky pieces by fine arts standards yet they had that draw. ¬†There were certain ones that people could not resist.

I guess what I really mean to say is that the ideas presented in those posters were exaggerated to the point where they were irresistable.  There seemed to be a sense of importance behind each one.

I don’t think I REALLY know what I actually want to research. ¬†But it has to do with these strong political statements that I keep coming back to. ¬†There is a piece in the BMA’s private print collection called “The Hydrogen Man”. ¬†That is the piece that I based my summer studio thesis work on and also probably one of the most amazing pieces i have ever seen. ¬†The imagery was so powerful yet so simple in it’s execution.

A man made out of hydrogen. ¬†It’s kind of painful to think about. ¬†And seeing this life sized man who is there but not anymore was just an eye opener. ¬†the simplicity contributed to it’s power. ¬†I think that having a piece in black and white gives that sense of the right and wrong. ¬†I mean it definitely emphasizes a lot the emotional connect in the piece. ¬†We get to see the bones without the flesh. ¬†The color is not there so we see the skeleton of the artwork. ¬†The line becomes important. ¬†the shapes become important. ¬†the pressure becomes important. ¬†the energy of the hand of the artist becomes important.

Kathe Kollwitz.  We look at her work and can feel the horror and pain that she is trying to express in her work.  It is a pain that is shared by the artist.  It has conviction.

Maybe that’s what I’m looking for more than anything. ¬†I know that I have work that I make just to make. ¬†There is no real statement. ¬†then there is work that I make to test myself. ¬†But i think what I am really looking for is that genuine article. ¬†What am i most honest about? ¬†I think my studying this work is me trying to reconcile my place in the world.

but is it because i exist here and share these experiences or because i want to? ¬†I don’t know about the war first hand but that’s what one of my pieces is about. ¬†I don’t know anything about abortion first hand and i might never but that is what one of my pieces is about. ¬†Am i trying to insert myself into the world or am i trying to be a part of it? ¬†I think i might need to think a little bit when i’m not so dead tired.

NAEA, say what?

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I don’t actually know much about NAEA. ¬†Now that I am an official member I want to know what is available to me as a member. ¬†I only really know about the conferences.

so…here are a few questions I had mostly from looking into the website.

1) What other events are there besides the national, regional and state conferences? ¬†For example, are there workshops in things that I don’t know how to look for?

2) How do students become “official” members of NAHS? ¬†I believe I was part of it when I was in high school but it felt strictly like an afterschool club rather than something I could substantially place on a resume.

3) Once students are members what benefits do they receive from that?

4)  Besides the conferences, how can teachers be connected to each other through NAEA?  I feel that it would be great to not just have an association that ties people together intangibly but also has some kind of communicative aspect such as a blog would or a website based on community around a certain interest, like a video game, or dance community or something.

5)  How long was (or is he still)  Barry Shauk an art teacher and how did he achieve his current position?

So, I know we won’t get to all of our questions but I hope others have the same ones I do so I won’t necessarily have to ask them.